Last night I enjoyed a fresh, light, yet satisfying dinner of Zoodles topped with my Strawberry Salsa recipe.

I basically created this easy salsa recipe as I was chopping up what veggies I had on hand that would compliment the beautiful, organic strawberries. I used my trusty Veggetti to spiralize the yellow zucchini squash into Zoodles. I have been so happy with this little kitchen gadget! You can see what the Veggetti looks like in this photo….


I took the juice of 1 lime and marinated the Zoodles in it for 2 hours. This softens them and gives you the “mouth feel” of traditional noodles. Just drain off the excess juice before using the Zoodles in a recipe to avoid having a plate filled with juice.

Here are the organic ingredients you’ll need for the Strawberry Salsa…

Strawberry Salsa (Organic)

by Elizabeth

1/8 C of diced orange bell pepper

1/8 C of diced green bell pepper

1/8 C of diced sweet onion

3 small tomatoes, diced

2 C of fresh diced strawberries

The juice of 1 small lime

1/4 tsp of red pepper powder

5 leaves of fresh Basil, cut into thin ribbons

5 leaves of fresh Peppermint, cut into thin ribbons

Mix all of the ingredients and chill for at least 2 hours. Use as a salsa or as a sauce for Zoodles.

Visit rawlivingandlearning for the full recipe